Mother Superior

I come from a long line of women who each have within their possession:
  • at least two sets of dishes; one for every day, and another for formal occasions.
  • numerous sets of glasses; including lead crystal.
  • high-end stainless steel cutlery for everyday, and stirling silver for formal.
  • silver tea sets, and assorted silver serving pieces.
  • numerous pieces of antique china.
Sounds like a fun house to grow up in, hunh? One item broken and your allowance is history for a year, at least.  When my sister's toddler broke a large salad/serving bowl of my Mother's, my sister was flabbergasted to learn that it would cost her $150.00 to replace the fricking thing. Alas, I digress. Shall we move on?

When I got engaged, it was an inevitable next step in the dance to "Marriage and All Things Sacred" to register at Ashley's. Simply put; I had to make sure that I had all the right stuff supplies for my soon to be domesticated existence. 

Mother Superior (aka mother-in-law to be) felt it pertinent to point out that neither myself, nor Hubster-to-be, owned any real furniture to speak of; and shouldn't we be registering with a department store instead, so that we could acquire furniture for our new home ?

WELL. I never. A department store? I was sucha total snot. I thought "Mother Superior is simply Klassy with a K. She just doesn't understand."

Yeeahh... fast forward to today. I STILL don't have a dining room set. 

Needless to say, Mother Superior is now a trusted advisor, and I am the one who is Klassy with a K. 

Thank the Sparkles for Mother Superior!

Have you had any of these
"Life Just Bites You Back In The Ass"
moments with your Mother-In-Law?

By all means, do tell...


Belly said…
I love this story. LOVE it. There's ambience here and an EXCITING EVENT and pithy advice and wise women and lessons.

LOVE it!

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