Saturday night; aka DATE NIGHT. Whole new meaning over at my house.

The Hubster was having a ManDate, and when the girls found out he was leaving - well the drama was suddenly unleashed.

Tears and all.

Along I came to save the day - "Don't worry lovies, we are going to the movies too!"

Oh shit. Did I just say that out loud? I didn't think about that one. Oh shit. How am I going to handle a three year old and one and a half year old on my own? In a movie theatre. At 7:30pm. Oh Shit.

Hubster: "Um, are you sure that's a good idea?"

Me: "It's fine. Don't be silly. I can handle ANYTHING." (Oh Shit.)

As we were walking into the movie building, I became conscious of the fact that I was the only parent in sight with any toddlers in tow. Starting to feel like a really crappy parent... (what is up with that anyhow? I always thought I would be a cool Mom; like taking my kids out of school for a day of goofing off with Mummy, or some other fun way of breaking the all pervasive rule of normalcy. So what the hell do I care what other people may be thinking at this point?)

When we get into the movie theatre, I was shocked to see not one, but two Mothers with infants (about 6 months), trying to give them dinner. I thought I was nuts. We made our way over to claim some seats. Abigale got comfortable and into her popcorn, while Logan was MESMERIZED by the awesomeness of the large screen. I kid you not, she sat still for about 35 minutes. I stuck a piece of licorice in her zombie hand to keep her from asking for popcorn (choking hazard, and I was already pushing my luck with a late night movie) and sat back to relax for the first time in the last hour.

We were there to see Rio. A movie about birds and lots of great music. My girls go crazy for music and dance wherever they are if they like what they hear. Well, that now includes movie theaters. Abigale is a great dancer, and did her own impression of birds flying/dancing to the samba music. Logan is just side-splittingly funny to watch when she dances. She just bends the knees and bounces up and down in the same spot. HILARIOUS. I'll post a video one day.

By end of movie, I was feeling quite victorious. No big deal! We had a great time. Only, we hadn't made it back to the car yet. While heading for the doors of the building, I was confident that the girls were so happy and tired that all I had to do was get them into the car and they would fall asleep on the way home. Easy Peasy.

The three of us were walking together, not holding hands. As we passed the candy and video game area, Abigale shrieked and took off into the throng of kids already milling about. PANIC MODE. Oh Shit. I can't see her. So of course Logan takes off in the OPPOSITE direction to escape out the front door of building. Oh Shit.

Grabbed Logan, and I ran back into the arcade area to claim Abigale and get the hell out of Dodge. And the Temper Tantrum began in earnest. All. The. Way. Back. To. The. Car.

Abigale ran off twice into traffic, and Logan dropped and rolled three times.
By the time I got them safely strapped into the car, I needed a loooooong time-out.

I stayed out of the car for a couple of minutes to try and catch my composure, while the wee ones watched me worriedly from inside the car.


Obviously, Date Night requires two leashes.

PLEASE tell me I am not the only crazy Mama out there!
What's your crazy lately? And did you need leashes?


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