Magic Time

Evaporation Experiment
(not urine samples)

We started a science experiment yesterday to demonstrate the effects of evaporation.
When we came back to look at the water levels this morning, I asked the girls what they thought happened to the water.

Me: "Where did it go?"
Logan: "ummm..."
Abigale: (big intake of breath, eyes widened) "It's magic!"

I couldn't help laughing a little, but really, how cool is that? This kid picks up on sarcasm, and is not easily fooled, so I really wanted to tell her that yes, it was magic.

Me: "Yes, kind of. A magic called E-VA-PO-RA-TION."

Geez, I'm so effing literal.

But don't get the wrong idea about me; I definitely support her belief that fairies might be real.

Here's laughing at me kid.



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