Me Party?

While sitting at my computer studiously ignoring supervising my children, chattery/busy noises start to filter through my mental wall of focus. 

I turned around to find this:

Tea for seven please.
(UpsyDaisy is down - bombed on PinkyPonk juice again)

Abigale is 4.5 years old, and Logan is almost 3. I have never seen them do this before - make a tea party with dolls. Aside from that, I was pleasantly surprised when I clued into the fact that they were playing together, and not fighting or hurting each other even though I was not all present.

This is kind of new. Usually I cannot even run to pee without someone screaming.

I love that more and more, they are connecting with each other in this positive way. It is also a total relief that my direct attention is now needed a bit less. 

'Cause I have really important things to do, like spend an hour on Pinterest.

Otherwise I seriously lose my composure - as some may say. I need my ME time!

Ok, now on to...

things my toddlers say:

A: "Look Mummy, its a hopter-copter!" (aka helicopter)

A: "You have big Mummy boobies, I just have little ones"

A: "I want candy. I don't like any of your food, IT IS YUCKY!" (insert tantrum here) (then eats 3 servings of whatever I made)

L: "Can we watch Fautsy the Sow Man?"

L: "Mummy, I hurt my bones" (WHAT?)

L: "Mummy, I not touchin' it - I jus yookin' wif my eyes"



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