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I have been determined this year to get my craft on, and that's exactly what I have been doing. To start the year off, I tackled a fun birthday cake.

I was inspired by a post from Whisk Kid on her Super Epic Rainbow Cake to make a similar one for Logan's 2nd birthday. It was ridiculously EASY. Of course, I used a packaged white cake mix, and a simple white icing recipe that brought the whole project down a few levels.

Here is the final result:

Rainbow Cake
How awesome is that!?

I divided up the batter into six little bowls (I did it by weight because I have a scale, but you can just eye-ball it if you don't have one). The next step was to add way too much food colouring paste to each bowl (one colour per bowl) and then I baked 6 mini layers. I lined my cake pan with pre-cut parchment paper so that I could just remove quickly and keep going at a good pace. One circle for the bottom of pan, and one strip to line the side - x6.
I refrigerated the layers once they were done, because I prefer to ice and decorate on a firm cake.

You can easily make your own white icing. I used a recipe posted by MissyDew called That's The Best Frosting I've Ever Had. I thought it was pretty good.

Logan's 2nd Birthday

Let me know if you try your own, and I'd love to see a picture!


{Hi Sugarplum!} said…
Beautiful! I hope mine turns out this great!!

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