From The Mouth Of Abigale

Just a collection of moments to remember.
(Abby is 3yrs old, and Logan is 1.5yrs old)


Abby: "Mummy, you pump me"

Me: "Um, What?"

Abby: "Mummy, you pump me, OK?!"

Me: "Why don't you show me what you want me to do sweet pea, because Mummy is confused..."

Abby: (motioning with the water-filled hand soap pump) 'Like this Mummy, you pump me!"

Me: "Oy Vey. You mean you want Mummy to squirt you by pumping the bottle?! OK!"


(We are at Reid's Dairy for Ice Cream and hanging at the Playground.)

Me: "OK Abby, we have to get going, it looks like it is going to rain soon."

Abby: "NO!" (insert whiney voice) "I don't want to!"

Me: "One more ride down the slide and we will get going, OK?"

Abby: "OK Mummy."

Me: "Let's shake on it" (holding out my hand)

Abby: (puts her hands on her waist and starts shaking her bootie.)


(We are at a very BUSY grocery store, and both kids are sitting WAY too close to each other in the cart.) 

Logan: (SCREAMS)

Me: "Abby! Don't hurt your sister! That is not nice. Please keep your hands to yourself."

Abby: (Yelling Loudly) "You not nice Mummy! You Hurt Abby. You PUNCHED ME!"

Me: (WTF Look on my face, and suddenly very aware of OTHERS around me)

(I most certainly did not punch my child.)


Me: (Washing dishes in the kitchen, Girls on back porch playing in the sand table. Quite Literally.)

Abby: "Come on Logan, let's go this way... Good Logan, come let's go...

Me: (peeking out from kitchen to see Abby leading Logan by the hand back into the house.)

Abby: "Come on Logan, sit down and take off your shoes. That's good Logan!" (looks up to see me there) "Look Mummy, I help Logan!"

Me: (Huge Smile, small tears)


Abigale (3) 

Logan (1.5)


Belly said…
Love it. Love it. LOVE it! Your girl is as sweet as pie, smart as a whip and sassy, just like her Mama.

Why don't you ever pump me? ;-)

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